Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The First of Three

As I was explaining to Abby of the Knit Knit Cafe, there is a project I want to crochet.  The magazine and pattern have been set aside for me at my LYS.  Then I came face to face with the sheer number of partially-completed knitting projects.  My inner Governess instructed me to complete three projects, using yarn I already have in my home, before I purchase the yarn and magazine.

And now, the first of the three projects is complete:

 Sock Project 1.  

This is the first completed pair of the Sock Project (more to come in another post), meant to teach myself more about sock construction techniques.  Once upon a time many years ago I bought a skein of Trekking XXL intent upon knitting a pair of socks.  I knit a sock.  It was, I thought, just a bit large for my foot.  Nine or so years later, I knit another sock, using the yarn from the original sock as I unraveled it.  And now there are two.  Two socks.  A pair.  For me.

For purposes of the Sock Project, some stats:  Completed September, 2012.  Trekking XXL.  Size 2.25mm dpns (I think).  Top-down.  Long-tail cast on, 68 st.  Rib for 8 rds, then inc 1 st to 69 st.  Cuff to 4 in.  Pattern: Rd 1: P1, *Twist 2, P1;  Rds 2-4: P1, *K2, P1.  Heel Flap w/ slipped stitches.  At Gusset, change pattern to:  Rd 1: P1, *Twist 2, P1;  Rd 2: P1, *K2, P1.  Foot to 7 in.  Toe decreases e/o rd to 32 st, then every rd to 16 st and graft toe.

That change of pattern at the gusset was the result of a brain blip during the first sock.  It makes the foot a bit more snug, which is something I like.  The short cuff is intentional.  These are meant as after-hike socks.  I often get a bit rashy above the ankles by the end of a long hike.  Something to do with the combination of socks, tight boot lacing, long distance and heat.  I imagined a short-cuff set of socks to change into would be ideal for having just enough coverage under a pantleg while giving my troubled skin a chance to breathe.  They're perfect after-hike socks.

And now I have this:

38 grams of this yarn left over from the project.  That's nearly 40% of the original skein, by weight.  I think that means a second set of socks, perhaps with shorter cuffs and a corresponding yarn for toes and heels.

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