Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Yesterday the trees here decided to start shedding their leaves.  I think it was the aspens that started it.  The maples are holding steady.  They think it's just fine for the early-turning yellow-leafed trees to start dropping.  The maples prefer to have the stage to themselves for their red-orange-purple show, anyway. 

Besides the color show and the dropping leaves and that heady autumn scent in the air, I love October for the cooling temperatures.  I also love October for the excuse to eat a caramel apple.  Every year in October I treat myself to a big ole caramel apple.  I wait until the weather turns cold.  Last year, it never did turn cold enough.  And I never got that apple.  This year I am intent.  I harbor caramel-apple-eating intentions.  All I need is that crisp autumn day.  I hear it's on the way.  This.  Week. 

I also love October (and November) because sometimes we get a cold rain with the wind blowing a gale outside.  And sometimes that happens over a weekend.  And THAT gives me a fine excuse to stay in the house and sip a hot cocoa and read and nap and knit and spin and sew.  A blowing gale never, ever gives me an excuse to clean the house.