Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thoughts on a February Saturday

Yesterday I told Doug I would knit him a pair of knee-high argyle socks.  He has a new Brompton folding bicycle and is thinking about riding in the Brompton US Championship Race in June, sponsored by Calhoun Cycle.  It is common for the riders to wear old-style clothing.  I've been thinking I should sew him a set of tweedy knickers.  He would very much like to have argyle socks, too.  I agreed to knit them for him.

Today I'm wondering about how fine the yarn will need to be for this project, since I will be working in the round and this means stranded colorwork.  I will do an internet search for "how to knit intarsia in the round" because I've heard it's possible.  For a pair of socks I am expecting to find that intarsia in the round is more trouble than it is worth.  That means stranding two colors.  That means thick socks unless the individual yarns are quite fine.  The socks need to fit into dress shoes, so they cannot be too thick.  Hmmm.

Other knitting thoughts today.  Doug's Lounger is nearly complete.  I would like the finished sweater to measure 24" in length.  I would like to build in extra length in case of a bit of fulling, as this sweater will be sent through the washer/dryer.  26" will do nicely.  The sweater is at 23.5".  The final ten inches of body have been a slog.  I'm ready to have this sweater finished (so I can move on the the argyle socks).  2.5 more inches, fitting, steeking, fitting, seaming the sleeves, knitting the neckband.  It's very close.  It will definitely be finished for spring, to be put away for next winter.