Sunday, November 4, 2012


This was meant to be "Grello".  It  began as six skeins of something called "Flamme", which I dug out of a box at Bargain Bill's in Chippewa Falls, WI.  The label says "Made in Turkey" and "75% Cotton  17% Acrylic  8% Polyamide" and "Color 05".  It does not say "made by X Company".  

The colors in this yarn were cream, tan and grey.  I wanted the cream to turn into a light yellow, to make a yellow-grey for working up into a lightweight spring/summer sweater.  So I soaked the yarn in water-soap-vinegar while I heated water in my canning pot.  I dumped in a small spice jar of turmeric and a few glugs of white vingear.  When that water was hot, I chucked the six skeins into the pot and stirred.  I also tossed a skein of handspun corriedale in, just because.  

I had heard that "natural dying" results in not-too-vibrant colors.  I had heard that natural dying results in colors that may wash out easily.  These things were not true.  

Now I have six tangled messes of an atomic-goldyellow-odd green cotton/acrylic/polyamide suitable for ??what??  And a skein of corriedale in :

Flat atomic goldyellow.  

Turmeric is serious spice.