Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Jumping In Post

I keep thinking about starting this blog and keep putting it off.  It seems the first post is the hangup.  Does it need to be witty?  Interesting?  Full of lovely pictures?  Information about the purpose of this blog?

Nope.  It just needs to be posted.

Today, Sunday July 1st 2012 is the first day of this blog.  This evening in addition to writing a blog post I plan to eat ice cream.  Vanilla.  Topped with drizzle of vinaigrette:  blood orange infused olive oil mixed with vanilla balsamic vinegar.  This combination is ever so tasty.  Like a dreamcicle.  I deserve a dreamciclesque treat after my day of scrubbing the basement floor and walls, cleaning up after the recent deluge here in Duluth.  I came home to a dry basement that smelled suspiciously like a wet basement.  Commence Operation: Basement Scrub-Down.  After this weekend I am halfway through O:BS-D, and deserving of said dreamcicle treat.  Post Complete.

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